Global Outreach 2


Bangui Evangelical School of Theology in Central African Republic prepares whole families for pastoral service in the 21 French-speaking countries on the continent.

 Bransford Family – Dick and Millie and their sons, Joshua and Philip, are based in the US but continue to serve with BethanyKids, a hospital for disabled children in Kenya.

 Jordan Family – Dean and Carol, though U.S.-based, continue their work with Wycliffe Bible Translators, translating and rewriting scripture for the Nafaanra people of Ghana.

 Roberta Nagel serves with World Relief in Malawi, working alongside WR Malawian staff enabling local churches to meet physical and spiritual needs of village communities.

 Partners in Hope, an AIDS-focused hospital in Malawi, enables people infected and affected by HIV to live well and grow spiritually. There is a strong emphasis on prevention education and training of Malawians to serve the country’s AIDS population.

Fyness Zakeyu, is a Malawian nursing student whose education is supported by Central's Children's Ministry offering.

Barbara Porter serves with Youth for Christ World Outreach, supporting national workers at Crisis Pregnancy Centers in several countries in Africa.

Smoes Family – Chris and Kay and their children, Ethan and Clarissa, serve with SIL in Cameroon, training nationals in Bible translation and literacy.

Taylor Family – Steve and Amanda, a teacher and a nurse, and their children, Nate, Evan and Janelle, serve in Kenya at Rift Valley Academy, a K-12 boarding school for children of missionaries.



Glad Tidings India trains Indian church planters, supplies evangelism packets and Bibles, provides literacy courses for adults and runs Christian schools in central India.

Pakistan Bible Correspondence Institute offers free correspondence courses and follow-up to interested Pakistanis, most of whom would be fearful to enter a church.

Rulison Family – Jon, Clair and their children, Brook and Forest, serve with Global Recordings Network in Thailand, coordinating language research and the distribution of culturally appropriate evangelism materials.

Gary Russell, founder of China Harvest, travels throughout China developing and mentoring national Christian leaders.

Smith Family – Mark, Susan and Soriya are based in Cambodia with InnerChange, living and serving the poor in Phnom Penh.

Thompson Family – Neil and Wannee and their children, Nathan and Kevin, are U.S.-based with Overseas Missionary Fellowship, as connectors, trainers and encouragers to those in service in Southeast Asia.



KC Bersch directs the school at Wings of Hope, a home for disabled children in Haiti, providing a loving, affirming family atmosphere for children who have been maligned and cast out.

Sewell Family, Bruce and Alba serve with American Missionary Fellowship sharing the hope of Jesus Christ with Hispanics from a wide range of countries.

Kim Hiemstra serves with Cru as the country director for college age ministries in Venezuela.

Kudo Family – Ken and Diane serve with One Challenge International in Brazil, as disciple-makers, teachers and mentors in the city of São Paulo.

Prado Family – Oswaldo and Sirley serve with One Challenge International in Brazil, mobilizing churches, pastors and leaders to fulfilling roles in Kingdom building locally and around the world.

Barbara Rowe serves with Christ for the City International in El Salvador, working with local churches to meet physical and spiritual community needs.


Leaman Family – Hal and Elizabeth serve with Cru in Germany, encouraging spiritual growth among business leaders through Bible studies and conferences.

van Essen Family – Teri, Benjamin and Chloe manage The Shelter, a 180-bed hostel in Amsterdam’s red light district, sharing the Good News with guests from many countries.



Opportunity International, through micro-enterprise opportunities in the developing world, enables over 2.5 million people to work their way out of poverty. Clients in more than 20 countries use OI services to expand a business and build a safety net for the future.

Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship, an agency which creates mission projects helping U.S. churches to bring the gospel to unreached groups of people is directed by Central supported Bill Young.

Dave Davis of The Evangelical Alliance Mission furthers TEAM’s mission to be and build the body of Christ through oversight responsibilities for projects in several countries.

World Relief is at work in 16 countries, empowering the local church to serve the most vulnerable. Focus includes Disaster Response, Maternal & Child Health, AIDS education and support, Microfinance, Refugee Resettlement and Alternative Farming.

Dan & Sarah Eberle with Wycliffe Bible Translators are involved in the research phase of the development of a global ministry for the deaf.

Al Meehan with Wycliffe Bible Translators is on-call as a consultant for mission agencies around the world regarding security issues.



· A couple in Iraq befriending a specific people group

· A family of 4 in China training nationals in HIV/AIDS work

· A single adult in China managing a computer business as an outreach to a specific people group

· A couple in church research focused on Northern Africa and the Middle East

· A man training nationals in many countries through seminars on understanding another religious belief system

· A U.S. based couple who travel to northern Africa to encourage Christ followers

· Ministries in Burma: orphanages, church planting, child soldier rescue, literacy training and mentoring believers.

· A U.S. based family of 5 focused on the Wa people of Thailand, Burma and China.

· A family of 7 working in China with Wa people to facilitate the establishment of a lasting, incarnational, vibrant and engaging church among all Wa peoples.