Sermon: When I'm Half-Hearted

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Sermon: "When I'm Half-Hearted"

3rd in the "A Love That Will Not Let Me Go" series.
Delivered March 11, 2012 by Ian McFadden.
Sermon Text: Hosea 5:6; 8:13; 10:4; 13:4

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Abstract: For Israel, the problem wasn't that they'd abandoned the one true God altogether. No, they continued to worship Yahweh, but as one among many gods. We're the same way. Most people who show up to church do so because they're trying to worship God. The hard truth, though, is that most of us divide and diffuse our worship for God with worship of other "idols" like security or image or success. God wants us to be whole-hearted towards Him, not half-hearted. And out of His kindness, he's willing to expose the inadequacies of the 'idols' we set alongside Him.

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