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Pulpit Welcome to the Central Pulpit!

As a congregation we believe that the Bible is the Word of God. As such, it is to be understood and obeyed, rather than argued with and ignored. For that reason, biblically grounded preaching is at the heart of Central's worship life.

We hope these sermons (which are typed as preached in worship) will challenge you to grow deeper in your relationship with Jesus Christ and encourage you to apply God's Word to every aspect of your life. May God's grace be with you as you use these resources.

Note: We are still in the process of migrating our 1998-2008 sermons into our site's new content management system (CMS). Please excuse the occasional broken link and the different look for some of the sermons until we complete it.

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Reading Sermons

We transcribe sermons each week and post them here as soon as they are ready. Feel free to use or print them at no charge or even to email one to a friend. Since they are text, you can do keyword searches to find something in particular.

Listening to Sermons

Since mid-2002, we've been putting MP3 audio files online so you can download and listen to them on your computer or download them to an MP3 player or CD-R for later listening. This is more enjoyable for those who prefer listening to reading and for those who missed a service or speaker that they want to hear. It also helps us get them online faster after a service, since the transcripts take a little while.

Our podcast feed for recent sermons gives you another way to download and listen to our sermons.
References: What is Podcasting? or Wikipedia:Podcasting. (comments welcomed)

CDs or Tapes of our Services

Every week we record each of our 3 services and keep an archive of the recordings. CPC has been doing this for many years and has an active CD/Tape ministry that provides copies upon request. To get a CD of a service, please send $3 for each desired to the Office Manager at the Church address. In addition to payment, please enclose your mailing address, the date of the services(s) you would like and which service (8:15, 10:00 or 11:30). Each sermon CD actually includes the whole worship service. You can also request tapes using the cards available in the pews at CPC. Note that services before 4/2008 were on tape. Since that time they are on CD and CDs will be sent.

Note also:

  • The Preaching Schedule will let you look up the scriptures and study ahead of time or to find a sermon you missed or that you particularly liked.
  • Many of our sermons are part of longer series, working through a particular topics or subject area or study on a books of the Bible. Use our handy Sermon Series Index to browse those series. Each sermon also lists links to others in its series.
  • Pastoral Disclaimer: All sermons in our archives were preached live in our Sanctuary and were written for the ear and not the eye.This is why some of the grammar, punctuation, and word patterns may appear unusual. All of our pastors passed 7th grade English....even though it might not look like it. --R.Scates
  • If you are a webmaster with questions about our online sermon process, see our Website Ministry FAQ; especially Thoughts About the Sermons/Teaching Section, Sermon Transcripts vs. Audio Files , Creating Sermon/Teaching Audio Files, Creating Sermon Transcripts.
  • And, many, many thanks to Susan McLean, George Greco, Julie Brunelle, and Alida Oosthuizen McWilliam, who are helping proof-read and prepare the transcripts for the web!