A Message from the Session

Dear Central,

Some of you may not have been at the Community Gathering yesterday. If that is the case, you missed an important announcement!

In 2013 Central Presbyterian Church allowed me to take a three-month sabbatical. Once I returned, I shared with the Session my perspective on the priorities that we have lived into the past six years, including the challenge of giving birth to a new church.

And I also outlined to them when I expected to retire. That date is June 30, 2020. About a year from now.

Over the years I’ve tested that decision in prayer, I’ve discussed it with every generation of Session leadership since, and for the last two years, the Session has been actively planning and preparing for that eventuality.

Now, when I made those plans years ago, I couldn’t possibly have known what kind of year we were going to face in 2019 as a pastoral team here at Central Presbyterian Church. But God did know. And I trust God with that. So, in 11 months I plan to retire as Senior Pastor of Central Presbyterian Church. At that point I will have been your pastor for 17 years!

With all of the news of the past few months, I could have extended, or we could have put off sharing this plan with you. But the Session and I agreed sharing this with you a year in advance, because we’re convinced preparing for this is part of what God wants to do in us across this next year.

I am excited about the year ahead, but I am also glad to be closing in on retirement, too! I’m not sure what will happen after that, but it will be less busy!

The Session has put together a Transition Team that’s been working on this for months. They gave some details of this preparation at the Congregational Meeting, and that will be sent to you later today. Humanly speaking, we will be in good hands. But that is not where our confidence lies. Our confidence is not in human ability, but in God.

For more on this, watch the video of the July 28 sermon that will soon be on our website. And be praying!