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ACE - Digging In Deuteronomy
ACE - Digging In Deuteronomy

Come dig into some of the more perplexing and challenging topics in Deuteronomy and the Old Testament. Discover their relevance for today!

April 22- "A Violent God?"
Focus: Reckoning With A Deity Who Wants To Destroy His Opponents.

April 29 - "Is The Old Testament Relevant For Today?"
Focus: How Deuteronomy's 'Home,' The Old Testament, Still Fuels Our Faith.

May 6 - "The Weird Rules of Deuteronomy"
Focus: Pushing Beyond Offense; Valuing Distinction/Difference.

May 13 - "Finding Gospel Gems in Deuteronomy"
Focus: Can God's grace be found in the old covenant/testament?

May 27 - "Discovering The Holy Spirit In Deuteronomy"
Focus: The Spirit 'blows where it will,' even in the Old Testament.

Sundays I 9:00 AM I In the Courtyard Room

Group Leader:
Paul Mundey
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