A Weary World Rejoices Devotional

Advent is the four weeks before Christmas. It is a time of waiting, longing, and can also mean “coming into view.” We feel all these things as we wait for Christmas, don’t we? No matter our age, we look forward to special decorations, music, and of course, presents!

This Advent, let’s reflect on the longings we are experiencing. The disruptions, exhaustion, injustice; longing for the world to be different. In this devotion we will look together to the Gospel of Luke at the events surrounding Jesus’ birth and learn from the examples of the people and how they looked to God for deeper purpose and meaning.

A Weary World Rejoices

Advent Devotional

This Devotional is written to be used by people of all ages. There are family activities included in each week’s materials.  We hope that those of you with children and teens in your life find it a helpful resource to work through together.