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5 Reasons To Download App


Text centralpc app to (833)245-7412

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The App connects with Central’s church management software

(CCB) and the giving platform (Pushpay).  While they are connected and share information, they are distinct. We recommend that you use the same name, email, and mobile phone across both platforms that are distinct from other family members.

APP Tip of the Week (Oct 2)

To see YOUR GROUPs  in the app that you’re involved with, select the CONNECT tab and “Your Groups”.  Then, select the group you want to see information such as messages, calendar, members, or other details concerning that group.  App Tip video

APP Tip of the Week (Sept 25):

 FIND A GROUP to join by clicking “Find A Group” on the HOME screen or the CONNECT tab and “Find A Group”.  Then, click the “View Groups” bar to display a list of available groups.  Filter to see your preferences.  Select a group to see additional details and actions.  App Tip video