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The Jesus Creed

When an expert in the law asked Jesus for the greatest commandment, Jesus responded “love God with heart, soul, mind, and strength”. The next part of Jesus’ answer would change the course of history. Jesus gave his followers a new creed for life: to love God with heart, soul, mind, and strength, but also to… Read more »

Making Love Last

Whether we’re married, single or dating, we often wonder if true love still exists. Maybe we’re asking the wrong questions. Instead of asking how to FIND the right person, what if we ask how to BECOME the right person? During this new series, we’re asking and answering some tough questions about marriage, singleness and dating…. Read more »

Refugee Church: Lessons in Daniel

Christendom has collapsed but Christ’s church is alive and well. More than perhaps any other point in modern history the church as an institution has receded from privileged positions of cultural influence. This is not all bad. In fact in the history of God’s people, seasons of “exile” were often seasons of repentance, renewal and… Read more »

For Everyone

Who did Jesus come for? Did he come for the religious? Was he born for elite? Simply put… No. Jesus came FOR EVERYONE. Join in on this Advent series as we start the discussion about how Jesus came for all. Links to Sermon Video: a king a blessing a servant bad news good news king… Read more »

Created For More

The generous life does not require great wealth, but it does require great intentionality. Nobody in this world just drifts into a life of compassion and generosity, it requires creativity and determination. But if you intentionally trust God with your resources you experience a spiritual adventure that will delight God, and will start to change… Read more »

Make Us 1

Ephesians will gives a great chance to focus on the lavish grace of God as He begins the reconciliation of the whole world. It challenges us to reconciled relationships, life like Christ, and so much more. Links to Sermon Video: chosen for glory big prayers alive in christ gentiles included unity in diversity children of… Read more »

Sessions Response To General Assembly Action

Dear Central Family, Central Presbyterian Church’s birth and history are from within what is now called the Presbyterian Church USA. As a more theologically conservative congregation we have lived in tension with our denomination almost from the moment of our rebirth under the leadership of J. Murray Smoot. This tension has its deepest expressions in… Read more »

Joseph- a man for the plan

Joseph isn’t the hero of the “Joseph Story.” Joseph is an every-man, sometimes getting it right, often times getting it wrong. This story is about God’s faithfulness to keep promises even in the face of enormous obstacles. Poor choices, character flaws, injustices and even outright evil are no roadblock for God’s love. Links to Sermon… Read more »