Supper Club

Get to know more people at Central through a year of rotating dinner groups.

Discover Central

Discover Central is a 2-part class focused on the distinctives of following Jesus at Central Church.


Funeral Service Live Stream We understand the importance of connecting and supporting each other, even when physical distance separates us. Clicking the link below will bring you to Central’s Vimeo channel so you can be a part of this sacred tribute. Go To Live Stream

The Current

This online publication is aimed at sharing the heart and happenings of the Central Community.

Easter Sunday

A joy-filled celebration of Jesus’ triumph over death.

Good Friday

A service designed to deepen our connection to Jesus and remind us of the meaning and power of his crucifixion. This service will include an open format with prayer stations.

Maundy Thursday

A creative and reflective service to give space for us to think about Jesus’ sacrifice and prepares for Good Friday.

Time Off Request

Time Off Request Employee Steps Speak to your supervisor. Complete this form. Enter dates on the CCB “All Staff” calendar. Supervisor Steps Forward the request to HR and Employee with “APPROVED” or “DENIED” in the subject line. 

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