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Regathering Update 10-19-20

Thank you for your patience as we work with Central’s leaders to figure out how to reopen the building and begin regathering safely – amid COVID. We put together a small team to help implement, tweak, and communicate the plans formulated earlier. Our team has helped us to step into the issue safely, responsibly, and most importantly – prayerfully.

Regather Update 9-11-20

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the safety and welfare of the congregation have been the first priority. We are protecting vulnerable people and ensuring the best health practices at off-site gatherings while following the direction of the state authorities.

Neighborhood Gatherings

Come and gather in neighborhoods for outdoor worship** as a way to supplement our online LIVESTREAM Sunday morning worship and gather safely with one another in person while following distancing guidelines. This will be groups of 20-50* people for a 45 minute time of worship, prayer, Scripture reading, and sharing.  ** The TRADITIONAL Worship at... Read more »

How To Share Your Story

Your experiences seeing how God is at work around us – impacting our neighborhoods, our networks, and the next generation – encourages others and provides hope.