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Our Father, Thank you for modeling to us how to be perfectly strong, and perfectly submissive. You have shown us, so we may learn. But this is not a skill that is prized in this world. To reign in strength, in order to lift up others, is uncommon. But you did not make us to… Read more »


Our God, we have a higher calling by your plan, and know that we are to be set apart.  But Lord, we often do not live in light of this calling. We feel pulled to the ease of living according to cultural convention and we make a habit of futile thinking. We feel too, the… Read more »


Our God, we thank You that we are covered in your fingerprints, individually made just as You have designed us, and deeply loved by You to our core. We thank You for our diversity, many ideas, and the rainbow of colors that You have used to paint our lives together. We ask You to help… Read more »


Father, thank You for drawing us out of hopelessness and into Your kingdom, where we receive eternal forgiveness, acceptance, and purpose through Your Son. We belong to You, and You are making us whole, from the inside out. Open our eyes to see and rejoice in the transformation taking place within and around us. Thank You for lifting… Read more »

Week 3 Prayer

People:   You are a God of grace: you give us more than we will ever deserve. Leader:   Loving God, you know how easily we give in to the things that tempt us—the impure thoughts our minds are drawn to, the cravings that control us, and the compromises we are willing to make to fit in. But… Read more »

Week 2 Prayer

God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – thank You for drawing us to Yourself. Please reveal Yourself to us. Help us to know you and love You more deeply. We are quicker to act on our own than to pray. Teach us to love Your Word and trust in Your Spirit that we may… Read more »

Week 1 Prayer

Our awe-inspiring God, we are amazed at the extent of your love for us! It is beyond what our imaginations can hold. You have known us and loved us from before time began. And now you are doing everything in your power to make each one of us into the good and honorable person you… Read more »