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2022 Lent Devotional

For much of the history of the church, people have marked the season of Lent as a special time of renewal in their faith. While we are always seeking to grow, let’s use these next five weeks as a special time of spiritual formation.

Volunteers Needed

We have a simple formula that we have seen work over and over and over again. Here it is: A caring, Jesus-loving adult + a high school student = good stuff! the best stuff! Jesus shows up when a caring adult gets involved in the life of a High School student. Will you consider being... Read more »

Adopt A College Student

Need quiet time away from the hectic academic world, adult advice, home cooking, and maybe the use of a washer and dryer? Consider getting adopted by a family at Central.
This is a low-pressure relationship that is all about serving you and helping to provide a home away from home.