Funeral Service Live Stream We understand the importance of connecting and supporting each other, even when physical distance separates us. Clicking the link below will bring you to Central’s Vimeo channel so you can be a part of this sacred tribute. Go To Live Stream


After the first service stop by the Pavilion for good food, conversation, and memorable fun all throughout the summer. (EXCEPT JULY 2)

Student Summer Missions

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The Current

This online publication is aimed at sharing the heart and happenings of the Central Community.

Time Off Request

Time Off Request Employee Steps Speak to your supervisor. Complete this form. Enter dates on the CCB “All Staff” calendar. Supervisor Steps Forward the request to HR and Employee with “APPROVED” or “DENIED” in the subject line. 

Staff Hub

Staff Hub Welcome to our Staff Hub Page – your one-stop shop for important links. This page will evolve and grow so if you have ideas of other things that would be helpful to see on this page please let us know.  Publicity Request 4 Helpfuls Review Time Off Request