Central Update 3/20/20


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Living into a New Reality
It has been only one week since Gov. Hogan made the decision to move the entire state of Maryland into the new reality of social distancing. It seems like so much longer! It is a necessary move, but it brings huge changes to the lives of everyone.

The CAT survey will be open until midnight on 3/23/2020. If you haven’t had a chance to respond, we hope you can take some time this weekend to do so.


Cuirim Mission Trip Update
The High School ministry trip to Cuirim this summer will be canceled.  We are making this decision based on our regular practice to match the special circumstances closing of Baltimore County Schools. We are sad to lose this opportunity but we will maintain our partnership with Cuirim and look forward to returning in the future. This should not be viewed as the last opportunity for High School seniors as they will be welcome and invited to participate with us in the future. College Students and Young Adults have always been welcome and regular participants in the Cuirim trip.

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