Our Communion Class is back but with a twist! We will now offer Faith Basics, a series of classes designed for parents and their elementary-aged children to talk about basics of the Christian faith.


April 7: Faith Basics: What Does it Mean to Follow Jesus?  Is your child asking questions about what it means to follow Jesus? This class will provide an interactive Gospel presentation and tools for parents/caregivers to lead your child to Christ. (Note: This class is a stand-alone class or in conjunction with the two Communion classes and is designed for parents/caregivers only.)

April 14: Faith Basics: What is Communion?

This class, designed for 2nd-5th graders and their parents/caregivers, will define Communion and explore its history and meaning in our lives. 

April 21: Faith Basics: Getting Ready for Your First Communion 

This class, a follow-up to “Faith Basics: What is Communion?”, will explain how to prepare ourselves to take Communion and the elements included.

Please register by April 4th