December 2018

The Christmas books are back!  Please come look over our collection for “new” holiday books & videos throughout Advent.

November 2018

Practice being thankful each day this month so that when the holiday arrives (with all its challenges), you’ll be a pro!  Here are some books to help you: one on thankfulness as well as some that support the Sunday themes this month.

I’m thankful for so many things.  [By] P. K. Hallinan. (F HA)

God gives us helpers.  Written by Jean Fisher ; illustrated by ….  Board book.  (F FI)

When I help my mommy.  [By] Robin Jones Gunn ; illustrated by N. C. Gary & David Acquistapace. (Jesus is with me)  Board book.  (F GU)

Children.  Written by Daryl Lucas ; illustrated by Robert C. Durham. (Famous Bible people)  Recommended for ages 4-8.  Contents:  Isaac, Samuel, David, Joash, Jairus’ daughter, the boy who shared his lunch.  (B LU)

Heroines.  Written by Daryl Lucas ; illustrated by Robert C. Durham. (Famous Bible people)  Recommended for ages 4-8.  Contents:  Sarah, Rebekah, Rahab, Jael, Abigail, & Mary.  (B LU)

Who will help? : Luke 10:25-37, the good Samaritan.  By Mary Manz Simon ; illustrated by Dennis Jones.  (Hear me read)  (B SI)

October 2018

It’s autumn – time for apples, pumpkins, & rain (in Baltimore this year, every season’s a season for rain)!  Best to curl up with some books about classic Bible stories, characters, and concepts.  Here are a few that your children should hear about during their Sunday School time.

For the toddler/pre-school set:

A basket bed for baby Moses.  Written by Joyce Davidson. “A surprise flap book” – cover.  Recommended for ages 2-5 years. (B DA)

Moses : baby in the bulrushes.  Adapted by Tess Fries ; illustrated by Cheryl Mendenhall.  (B FR)

Baby Moses.  By Linda Hayward ; illustrated by Barb Henry.  Recommended for ages 3-7 years. (B HA)

Moses : parting the Red Sea.  Adapted by Tess Fries ; illustrated by Cheryl Mendenhall.  (B FR)

Baby Moses’ river ride : Exodus 1:1-2:10 for children.  Carol Greene ; illustrated by Michelle Dorenkamp.  Recommended for ages 4-8 years. (B GR)

For the Treehouse kids:

The story of the tower of Babel.  Written by Alice Joyce Davidson ; designed by Victoria Marshall.  (B DA)

Job : the book of Job for children.  Written by Donna R. Rathert ; illustrated by Dennis Jones.  Recommended for ages 5-9 years. (B RA)

September 2018

Children’s Ministry has purchased some new books for the Children’s Library – come check them out!.

Say & Pray Devotions : first words, devotions, and prayers by Diane Stortz ; illustrated by Sarah Ward. (J DEV STO)

God Bless my School written by Hannah C. Hall ; illustrated by Steve Whitlow.(J FIC HAL)

God Bless my Boo Boo written by Hannah C. Hall ; illustrated by Steve Whitlow. (J FIC HAL)

Channing O’Banning and the Rainforest Rescue by Angela Spady ; illustrated by Tammie Lyon.. (J FIC SPA)

Channing O’Banning and the Turquoise Trail by Angela Spady ; illustrated by Tammie Lyon. (J FIC SPA)

Brave Girls Confidential : stories and secrets about faith and friendship written by Travis Thrasher ; illustrated by Aleksey and Olga Ivanov. (J FIC THR)

Gabby’s Stick-to-it Day : a story about never giving up. by Sheila Walsh ; illustrated by Natasha Kuricheva. (J FIC WAL)

August 2018

Now that the novelty of summer vacation has worn off and before the distraction of a new school year ramps up, is a good time to get back to the basics: the Ten Commandments.  The Children’s Library has a separate section on the right side of the collection dedicated to books on the Ten Commandments. The collection contains a wide variety of age-level-appropriate books and can generate good discussions even with secondary school children as you evaluate and compare the ways that each law is explained and illustrated.

The Droodles Ten Commandments Storybook by Ray & Sally Cioni. (F Ci)

(Ages 6-12)  A compilation of stories that illustrate each commandment.  At the back, it includes tips for parents & teachers written by Edit Schaeffer.

Hand Commands : the Ten Commandments for Little Ones by Ann Dunagan. (F Du)

(Ages 5 & up)  Uses hand motions as a memory-aid for learning the Ten Commandments.

The Big 10 for Little Saints by Matt & Lisa Jacobson ; illustrated by Sonya Wilson. (F Ja)

(Ages 3-8)  Provides a simple presentation and explanation of each command accompanied by a large, colorful illustration on the facing page.

Ten Ways to Please God : Exodus 20 for Little Ones. Written by Karen Ann Moore ; illustrated by Becky Farley. (F Mo)

(Ages 0-3)  This board book is made to look like Moses holding the two tablets that contain the 10 Commandments.  Each side contains a paraphrase and explanation of 5 Commandments.

The Ten Commandments for Little Ones. By Allia Zobel Nolan ; illustrations by Janet Samuel. (B No)

(Ages 3-7)  This version states each Command, gives an example of a story in the Bible that hinges on this Command and also an everyday example of what Command means.

July 2018

Summer … reading. They go hand-in-hand (at least in my mind). Keep coming to the Children’s Library to refresh your reading materials as you enjoy staying up watching fireflies, fly balls, and fireworks. Books are great at the pool or the beach, too, as long as they don’t get wet or sandy. And, it’s always good to have “extra” books on hand for the moments when someone is “bored.”

Enjoy the start of summer and may God bring refreshment to your soul!

June 2018

All good gifts originate with our Father in heaven. Perhaps Father’s Day, the end of the school year, and the beginning of summer come together this month on purpose to remind us of this truth. The New International Version of the Bible states:

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

James 1:17

To help us celebrate the goodness of our heavenly Father, here’s a review of a book on The Lord’s Prayer and one on the monumental ministry that God has given to earthly fathers to reflect His character as they relate to their children.

Our Father by Sabrina Bus ; illustrated by Xavier Demeux. (B Bu)

This is a board book with very basic illustrations. It contains one or two phrases of The Lord’s Prayer on each page, the words of Jesus’ prayer appearing at the top, and the author’s application of / reflection on the meaning of the phrase appearing at the bottom. Recommended for young readers.

Daddy Promises by Kerry Arquette ; illustrated by Kevin McCain. (F Ar)

Marketed as a “Specialty / Gift Book,” the illustrations and format are very attractive and the text is geared toward new fathers. The promises of earthly fathers to their newborns are both lofty and practical. Ultimately, they reflect the character of our heavenly Father, of whom the earthly fathers’ promises emulate.

May 2018

“If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!”

~ Luke 11:13

On Sunday, May 20th, the Church celebrates Pentecost. Pentecost Sunday marks the day when the Holy Spirit came and rested on the disciples which made the birth of the Early Church possible.

The Holy Spirit may well be a difficult concept for children to grasp since, by nature, a person cannot see, feel, or touch Him. Quite honestly, it’s a difficult concept for adults, too. Thankfully, we have a couple books that may help adults explain the person and workings of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit in Me by Carolyn Nystrom ; illustrated by Wayne A. Hanna. (F Ny)

Laid out as an elementary-age boy’s description of the Holy Spirit. The book uses scripture references at the top of each page as references for what the boy relates about the Spirit’s role throughout history, characteristics, and work in his life. The illustrations and word choices make it appropriate for all elementary levels.

I Want to Know about the Holy Spirit by Rick Osbourne and K. Christie. (F Os)

This attractively formatted book covers topics about experiencing the Holy Spirit, the Spirit’s role in our personal spiritual growth, and how the Spirit empowers us to live out God’s commands. In addition to photographs and illustrations, the book contains cartoons, games and activities. (Recommended for ages 8 to 12)

The Early Church : Acts by Anne de Graaf ; illustrated by José Pérez Montero. (F DeG)

The book overviews the growth of the early church after Pentecost. It begins by focusing on Peter’s ministry and then moves on to Paul’s, mirroring Acts’ layout. Additional teachings on living by faith and the fruit of Spirit are interspersed in the text. The book seems appropriate for older elementary students.    

April 2018

Christ is risen; He is risen, indeed! Happy Easter!

Here are some books which tell the glorious story of Christ’s death and resurrection in some different ways:

Little Rose of Sharon by Nan Gurley ; illustrated by Tim Jonke. (F Gu)  “A story of self-sacrifice …,” this book tells the story of a lovely rose whose act of generous sacrifice reveals an even greater beauty in her heart.

The Parable of the Lily by Liz Curtis Higgs ; illustrated by Nancy Munger. (F Hi)  This is the story of a farmer’s daughter who receives a mysterious, though unimpressive, gift. After neglecting it over a long period of time, she eventually throws it away. What happens afterward greatly surprises her. Bible verses accompany the text. (Recommended for ages 3 to 7)

This is No Fairy Tale by Dale Tolmasoff ; illustrated by Corbert Gauthier. (F To)  This book is a biography of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. Each page contrasts the actual events of His life against the typical traits and plot developments of fairy tales. The book is richly illustrated and succinct. (Recommended for ages 4 to 8)

March 2018

The kids I know all seem to like stories. Since I also like stories it’s a great way to connect. Jesus apparently like stories too and used them to teach people who came to Him.

Here are a couple of books that focus on parables:

A Child’s Book of Parables illustrated by Trace Moroney ; retold by Lori Froeb. This book retells seven parables, making them age-appropriate for very young children. Each short story is accompanied by one or more large, child-friendly illustrations as well as a scriptural reference.

Once Upon a Parable: timeless stories about God’s Kingdom by Mack Thomas. The author has created a series of stories that reflect the concepts of sixteen Biblical parables. Each re-telling would work well as a bedtime story. The book is attractively laid out and illustrated, too. Since the stories are adaptations, a scriptural reference accompanies each one for clarity.

February 2018

A Valentine’s gift from God? Perhaps this is another way we can think of Jesus and the way He has brought the Father’s grace and mercy into our lives and to the world in general. Since this is a difficult concept for anyone to comprehend, Here are some suggested titles that might help you and your children comprehend His love more.

From the children’s section:

Love Your Neighbor by Melody Carlson (F Ca). Recommended for ages 4-8.

I’ll Love You Anyway & Always by Bryan Chapell (F Ch). Recommended for ages 3-8.

I Couldn’t Love You More by Jason Ingram & Matt Hammitt (F Ha).

Love Is … adapted … by Wendy Anderson Halper (B Ha).

I Love You, God by P. K. Hallinan (F Ha).

I Love You This Much by Lynn Hodges & Sue Buchanan (F Ho). Includes CD. Recommended for ages 3-6.

The Best Thing is Love by Linda Parry (F Pa). Recommended for ages 1-4.

From the Parenting section:

Raising Your Child to Love God : What the Bible Teaches About Parenting by Andrew Murray (AdG Mu)

January 2018

“Where to start?” Many things can make us ask this question and one of those times is when your child asks you to tell them about faith, love, or eternity. Thankfully, author Joel Anderson addresses these issues in his “big topics for little kids” series which can be found under F An on the Children’s Library shelves. Each book explores its topic through an analogous story, both in word and art. The text remains simple and accessible but highlights the characteristics of the topic it’s exploring. Each book opens and closes the story with a verse of relevant scripture and then finishes the book with a discussion aid and activity to deepen understanding of the abstract ideas discussed. Check them out and see if they help you start a good conversation with your children (or anyone) this new year!

Tell Me About Eternity by Joel Anderson (F An).

Tell Me About Faith by Joel Anderson (F An).

Tell Me About Love by Joel Anderson (F An).

December 2017

As we celebrate God’s tremendous gift to us in the form of the baby Jesus, here are some books to consider from our collection:

Little Rose of Sharon : a story of self-sacrifice by Nan Gurley. When the little rose of Sharon sacrifices her beautiful red petals to save a baby dove, she hears the Creator say that her love is like that of His Son.

For God So Loved the World : my John 3:16 Book by Dandi Daley Mackall. Incorporating many blessings we experience as Christians, the text and illustrations remind the readers that we enjoy these blessings because of God’s gift to us in the life and death of Jesus. It also presents the first part of John 3:16 in nine different languages.

The Legend of the Three Trees based on the screenplay by George Taweel and Rob Loos. (picture book) adaptation by Catherine McCafferty; (board book) Text by the staff of Tommy Nelson. A timeless retelling of the classic folktale of three distinct trees, each with its own hopes, dreams, and aspirations and how they find fulfillment through their interaction with Jesus Christ.

November 2017

Prayer Books

In a prayer rut at bedtime? Have you given thanks for Mommy & Daddy through Fido but feel like there’s more that be said? The “Prayer” shelf of the Children’s Library could help. Here’s a sampling of some of our Prayer books:

Prayer for a Child by Rachel Field. Recommended for children ages 4-7, this book could be read by early readers. Using items from everyday life, the prayer includes gratefulness, intercession, and trusting in God’s protection.

The Lord’s Prayer by Alice Joyce Davidson. Formatted for parent-child sharing, this book incorporates the Lord’s Prayer into a story about girl’s Bible-reading time. As the girl reads the prayer she also reflects on each line, expanding on the concept that it highlights.

Bible Prayers for Bedtime by Jane Landreth. For several nights of prayer material, this 253 page book is a great one to share. The author prefaces each prayer with a Bible verse and some explanation that can be read by an adult and concludes with a simple prayer that can be recited by the child. The illustrations and layout are bright yet simple and create interest without detracting from the meat of the text.

October 2017

Last year, the Children’s Library moved into the hallway outside of Route 45 so that it might be more accessible to all children and their parents as they move around the Children’s Ministry area.  Please stop by to read some beautiful books while you wait or sign some out to enjoy at home!

How to sign out books/videos:

  1. Find the cataloging card in the back of the book/video case
  2. Write your name and phone number on it
  3. Drop the card in the front of the Card File box
  4. Pick up a “Date Due” card from the wooden organizer
  5. Write the date of one week from your sign-out date
  6. Put the “Date Due” Card om the back of the book/video case

** Note that some of our books have been arranged in topics such as “Prayer”, “Devotionals”, “Holidays”, etc.  Also, our DVDs are on the lower shelves under the check-out area and there is a shelf of small board books on the shelf above that.