Sunday, 6/19 – Pray for the SBC leadership team as they prepare and plan for the logistics of SBC.
Monday, 6/20 – Ask God to spiritually prepare leaders for SBC and to lead people to fill any open
positions. Luke 10:2
Tuesday, 6/21 – Pray for the Bible Study leaders to effectively communicate Bible truth to the children
they teach.
Wednesday, 6/22 – Pray that the impact of SBC will provide witnessing opportunities to parents,
families, and our community.
Thursday, 6/23 – Ask God to help us to humble ourselves before Him as we prepare for SBC.
James 4:10.
Friday, 6/24 – Pray for a shield of protection around everyone involved in SBC. Let no root of
bitterness spring up to cause trouble. Hebrews 12:15.
Saturday, 6/25 – Pray that kids and leaders will seek Jesus with all their hearts before, during, and after
SBC. Jeremiah 29:13.
Sunday, 6/26 – Pray that kids will learn to listen for God’s direction and follow it. Isaiah 30:21.
Monday, 6/27 – Thank God for the strength He provides to deal with needs that arise during SBC.
James 1:2-5.
Tuesday, 6/28 – Thank God for His gift of eternal life and for the children who will accept this gift at SBC. Romans 6:23.
Wednesday, 6/29 – Ask God to help the children who attend SBC to increase in wisdom concerning His Word. Luke 2:52.
Thursday, 6/30 – Pray for strength for all leaders to continue the excitement of SBC and the gospel.
Friday, 7/1 – Ask God to help kids know they can have a relationship with Him by trusting Jesus as their Savior. John 14:6.
Saturday, 7/2 – Pray for eternal impact of SBC.