Second Sunday for the World

Second Sunday for the World is a monthly Sunday school experience which seeks to nurture our children’s understanding of God and His heart for people all over the world.  Separate, age-appropriate programming is provided for younger children and older children.


Early Childhood

Pre-K – 1st Grade

Each month, Central’s Pre-k, kindergarten, and 1st graders gather to learn from an international missionary or a volunteer serving in the Baltimore area.  They participate in a hands-on learning project such as packing a snack bag for a homeless person or decorating a shoebox to fill with Christmas presents for children in other countries.  Finally, the children gather to pray for the ministry and the people they serve.  It is a fun and interactive morning!

Elementary Age

2nd Grade – 5th Grade

Elementary-aged children continue to learn how God is actively bringing people to Himself all over the world and that all of us can take part in His work.

We love having the opportunity to introduce children to different parts of the world, learning a little of what life is like in other places and why Jesus coming to earth makes such a difference. God’s forgiveness and transforming love exist not just here in Towson, but in Baltimore, all of Maryland, the whole country, the continent, and even on the other side of the globe! Not only that, but Jesus wants us to be like Him by loving others, and children don’t have to wait until they’re grown up to do so.

We pray for God’s work around the world and in Baltimore. We send cards of encouragement to Central folks living in other countries and have even been able to sometimes make Skype calls to missionaries. All this makes for a morning full of excitement, God’s love, and just a bit of chaos!