Welcome to Sprouts!

On your child’s first day in our nursery, your family begins a very special partnership with Central! We begin working together to lay the foundations for your child to become a lifelong follower of Jesus.

Children not yet able to walk begin their journey in our infant nursery. At both 9:00 am and 10:45 am, we provide a safe and nurturing environment for infants staffed by trained volunteers. While we don’t use a curriculum for this age, each child hears one of 3 basic truths throughout the morning:  God made you, God loves you, and Jesus wants to be your friend forever.

When children can walk steadily, they move to our toddler room. Here, we introduce a monthly Bible story that continues to reinforce our 3 basic truths: God made you, God loves you, and  Jesus wants to be your friend forever. Each week, new and age-appropriate activities are a part of our morning schedule; these activities are hands-on and helps our toddlers remember the Bible story.

We love to celebrate with you. Key moments for celebration with your child in Sprouts are their baptism or dedication (if that takes place when they are in Sprouts) and when they move up from Sprouts to the Backyard.

What to bring:

• A filled and labeled bottle or sippy cup if needed. When your child moves to the toddler room, we provide Townhouse crackers and a sippy cup of water. If you don’t want your child to receive the crackers, please inform an adult volunteer.
• A labeled diaper and labeled wipes or a labeled diaper bag with diapers and wipes.
• A change of clothes for your child.


For your first visit, you will need to register your child by filling out a form at our Guest Family Check-In desk.