Toddlers/Two Year Olds through Kindergarten

Following the leader is definitely something preschoolers love and understand. What they need to learn is that throughout life there will be countless choices of leaders they can follow. We want them to know who the best leader is to follow. And that is Jesus! Jesus is the best leader we can follow!


March 1: We will start the month with someone who wanted people to know who the best leader is. His name is John the Baptist, and he spent his life teaching people that the best leader was coming and they should follow Him. (Matthew 3:3-4, 11, 13-17)


March 8: Then Jesus came, and boy did He change everything! Week two, we will see how Jesus turned Andrew, Peter, James, and John from fishermen into faithful disciples with just two words. “Follow me.” Those men chose to follow Jesus, and their written words still help others follow Jesus to this day. (Matthew 4:18-22; Luke 5:1-11)


March 15: We will see in week three that anyone can follow Jesus—even disliked, not so honest, tax collectors like Matthew. The choice Matthew made to follow Jesus changed him forever. When he walked away from his tax table, Jesus replaced his love for money with a love for people. (Matthew 9:9-12)


March 22: It wasn’t just Andrew, Peter, James, John, and Matthew that followed Jesus, as we will see during week four. Jesus asked twelve men to follow Him, and they did. We know them as the Disciples. Those twelve men followed Jesus everywhere. They watched, learned, and were changed. And, they went on to help others—lots of others—follow Jesus too. We can all follow Jesus. (The Gospels)


March 29: So, what happens when we follow Jesus? Well, when we follow Jesus, we learn how to love people the way Jesus loves people. That means during week five, we will learn that we can love everyone and what that love looks like for preschoolers. (John 13:34-35)


By the end of this month, when we ask preschoolers who can you follow, our prayer is that they will answer, I can follow Jesus. Why? Because Jesus loves us, and He will always lead us in the best way.

Treehouse (1st-3rd Grade)

 March 1: This month, we are answering the question, “Who is in control of everything?”  God was in control over Haman’s evil plan to destroy the Jews. Like Haman, Satan wants to ruin God’s plan and destroy believers. Satan thought he had won when Jesus died on the cross, but God raised Jesus from the dead and defeated Satan once and for all. All who believe in Jesus are rescued from sin and death. (Esther)

March 8: Nehemiah led the people to rebuild the walls around Jerusalem to protect them from their enemies. Jesus came to protect us from our greatest enemy, sin and death. He died on the cross and rose from the dead to rescue everyone who trusts in Him. (Nehemiah 1-6)

March 15: God’s Word is powerful. When Ezra read God’s Word, the people loved God more and changed their ways. The Bible says that Jesus is “the Word.” Jesus is God who came to live with people on earth. Jesus has the power to change our hearts. (Nehemiah 8-13)

March 22: Malachi was a messenger—a prophet—who told God’s people to repent. Malachi also told about another messenger God would send. This messenger, John the Baptist, would call people to repent and get them ready for a final Messenger, Jesus Christ. Jesus would bring good news of salvation. (Malachi)

Route 45 (4th and 5th Grade)

March 1: This week, we’re kicking off a new 3-week series called “Bible Battles”, in which our preteens will study epic battles that took place in the Bible and discover what they can learn from them. We’ll study various scriptures this week to unpack how we fight, using the weapons that God gives us, so we can stand up for what is holy and right.

March 8: This week, we’ll continue our new 3-week series called “Bible Battles”. We’ll look at passages in Judges, Deuteronomy and Isaiah to see that obedience to God brings victory and reward!

March 15: It’s the final week of our “Bible Battle” series.  Our preteens will be challenged with the fact that even when the giants we face are big, our God will ALWAYS be bigger!

March 22: This week, will begin our trek toward Easter with our 4-week “The Places of Easter” series, which explores locations that are important to the Easter Story and what we can learn from them. Today, we find ourselves in the Garden of Gethsemane. Praying is our way of communicating with God, and good communication involves taking time to listen instead of just talking. (Matthew 26:36-46; Luke 22:43-44)

March 29: Week 2 of our “The Places of Easter” series finds us in the Court. It really hurts when people lie about us, but we don’t have to feel alone because Jesus understands. (Matthew 26:57-68; Luke 22:54; Matthew 27:1, 11-24; Romans 12:19)