Communion at Home for Families

Parents, the Lord’s Supper can be an amazing time of worship and reflection for your children.  We invite you to lead your children in experiencing this at home. You may offer communion to any of your children who desire to participate. That being said, you should do what you can before Sunday to help them understand what will be happening. 

Here’s something you could consider reading to them beforehand.  Feel free to put it in your own words! 

Kids, you may be wondering what communion is and why we take it.  You may have even seen grown-ups take it at church and had questions about it.  

Jesus chose to do a special meal we call the Lord’s Supper during the last meal He celebrated with His disciples before He died on the cross. It was already a special meal for the Jewish people called the Passover, which is a yearly celebration during which Jews remember how God rescued them from slavery in the land of Egypt, Jesus gave us this supper to remind us of how he rescues us through his death on the cross.

The Bible tells us in Luke 22:19-20 (International Children’s Bible): 

“Then Jesus took some bread. He thanked God for it, broke it, and gave it to the apostles. Then Jesus said, “This bread is my body that I am giving for you. Do this to remember me.” 20 In the same way, after supper, Jesus took the cup and said, “This cup shows the new agreement that God makes with his people. This new agreement begins with my blood which is poured out for you.” 

The bread and cup are not the actual body and blood of Jesus, but they are symbols that remind us that Jesus died on the cross so that all people could be forgiven and live with Him forever. But they are more than just reminders! God promises to connect our spirits to Jesus’ spirit when we eat and drink this meal. We typically do this together when we are gathered at church, but since we cannot do that right now, we will do it at home, knowing that God’s spirit is wherever we are!