Dollar Wars

This Summer, Middle and High School students from our congregation and community will embark on 3 different opportunities to serve others. These moments are times of accelerated discipleship in the lives of students.

The Student Mission Campaign is our opportunity to come together and support these mission experiences. An investment in student discipleship now is an investment in the present and future of the church.

Our Goal is to raise $40,000 in support of Middle and High School Summer Mission Trips and Summer Bible Camp.

There are four teams competing in the DOLLAR WARS. The goal is to be the most generous of all four teams. This is determined by which team gives the most money away to other teams. Therefore, the team that collected the least money would be the most generous because it is implied they gave the most to the other teams.


Choose one of the four teams below to align with. Support your team by giving to the other teams. You can use the envelope to contribute or give online.

Total Amount Raised:


Red Team


Captains: Matt Acton & Joe Strube
Chaplain: Ian McFadden

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Blue Team


Captain: Kim Meagher
Chaplain: Pastor Laura Crihfield

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Green Team


Captains: Liam Jones & Aaron Chan
Chaplain: Pastor Andy Nagel

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Gold Team


Captain: Ryan Kavalsky
Chaplain: Pastor John Schmidt

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Week 1 Loser: Plays Egg Roulette

Week 2 Loser: Gets Slimed

Week 3 Loser: Plays Water Wars

Final Goal Ultimate Challenge

When we read our goal of $40,000, all the team captains and chaplains will participate in the ULTIMATE CHALLENGE!