Welcome to the Freakshow Group Study

Jesus hung out with the strangest people and that collection of strange people became the church. This sermon series will look at the surprising community he formed in the gospel of Luke.  

 Luke 5:27-32

  1. When was a time you felt completely out of place?
  2. Who do you think are the “tax collectors” of our day?  What would it look like to intentionally reach out to them?
  3. Jesus both associates with “the wrong crowd” while still recognizing that they are still in need of healing from sin and are called to repentance.  How might Christians today seek this difficult balance?

Luke 7:36-50

  1. What is the most awkward dinner party you’ve ever been to?  What happened?
  2. Compare the actions of the woman and the Pharisee: what are their responses to Jesus and what does it tell us about what they think of him?
  3. What, in your words, is the point of the little parable Jesus tells in verses 41-43?
  4. Recast this story using characters from today.  What do you think is the lesson for Christians today?

Luke 8:26-39

  1. Demon-possession is something that might be unfamiliar to many of us.  Take some time to discuss your thoughts about what this passage has to tell us about the spiritual world.  
  2. Have you ever felt like you were “not in control” emotionally, physically, or spiritually or just in your life?  What did it do to your self-image, relationships, work?
  3. Discuss the ways Jesus restores this man: personally, spiritually, socially.  What would it mean for Christians to follow Jesus in this way of restoration?

Luke 8:40-56

  1. Look at the passage and come up with a list of ways you think Jesus actions were surprising to those who were watching.  Which expectations about him did he confirm, which did expectations did he break?
  2. Has the Lord ever used an inconvenient situation to draw you or others closer to him?
  3. Who do you associate with most in the passage?  What message do you need to hear from Jesus through the passage?  Who else in your life comes to mind?  How might you play a role in that?

Luke 14:7-14

  1. How have you experienced–socially or in business– the kind of social climbing that Jesus describes in verses 7 and following? How does Jesus’s advice differ?  What do you think would happen if you followed his advice next time you found yourself in a situation like that?
  2. How does humbling ourselves demonstrate faith in God?
  3. Who are the “poor, crippled, blind, and lame” in your life?  What is one way you can invite them into your life as Jesus calls us to in this passage?