Beach Day

Ocean City, MD | July 23 | 6AM-Midnight | $25/$65

****We need 20 students signed up by July 19th for this trip to happen.

High School Students and parents are invited to join us for a day trip to Ocean City.  We will ride down caravan style from Central and return to Central by Midnight.

We will divide into two groups for the day:

  1. Waterpark group (Cost $65 + food for the day)
  2. Beach/Boardwalk group (Cost $25) + food for the day)

The $25 covers a van rental and gas.

Things to Know:
  • Parents are welcome to drive and chaperone
  • The Waterpark is optional
  • Students will need spending money for the day
  • Students can pack their food for the day
  • If we get enough parent drivers, the cost goes down

If you have questions, contact Joe (