Friday | January 24th | 9:30 – Midnight | DiPietro Family Skating Center


Come on out for a fun filled night of broomball. You may be asking yourself….what is broomball? Broomball is a glorious sport played on an ice that involves two teams, a broom shaped object for every player, and one ball. The object of the game is simple….use the broom to get the ball in the goal. The fun part is the sliding, diving, and pure awesomeness of running around on the ice laughing with…or at your friends.

We will meet at Central at 9:00pm and ride together to the Dominic “Mimi” DiPietro Family Skating Center 200 South Linwood Ave Baltimore, MD 21224.  We will return to Central around Midnight.

We need more drivers to take more people. Contact Joe (

COST:  $10