Important Dates:

Team Meetings:  Sundays 12:30-2pm; April 23, May 21, June 11

Documents Due:  May 7th, 2017

Final Payment Due: May 7th, 2017


All documents should be submitted to Amy Davidson.  You may submit you documents in person or by mail: Amy Davidson, Central Presbyterian Church, 7308 York Rd 21204

By May 7th please submit to Amy each of the following:

  • A copy of your passport (to be current, the expiration date should be no earlier than December 2017)
  • A copy your insurance card
  • The Cuirim Waiver & Permission to Cross Border for Medical Care 
  • A notarized CPC Int’l Travel Release 
  • A notarized Parental Consent for Minor to Travel Abroad (This letter needs to be filled out and notarized for each minor EVEN if the minor is traveling with one of his/her parents.  For most of our students, Joe Strube is the person you are giving permission for your student to travel with across the border.  If a mother and daughter are travelling together, the letter needs to be completed by the father giving permission for the minor to travel abroad with the mother.)

Links to Documents:

Disregard any dialog boxes – you can simply print the forms and take them to a notary.

Cuirim Waiver 2017 and Permission to Cross Border for Medical

CPC Int’l Release

Sample Parental Consent for Minor to Travel Abroad

Flight Itinerary & Packing List