We are quite excited to be starting a new year with students.  The challenges are obvious and we look forward to learning along the way.

Our First Priority:

High School Ministry at Central dreams that every student would be able “to pursue God in the company of friends.” To that end, High School Ministry will be prioritizing students being able to connect in Fight Clubs (our name for small groups). 

Fight Clubs set their own time and place for meeting.  Some meet in person, some on Zoom, and some do both. All follow our Covid safety practices when meeting in person.  Fight Clubs are led by Jesus-loving adults who have chosen to share their lives with students as they navigate High School.

So, we are inviting students to stay connected with their Fight Club, reconnect with a Fight Club, or connect for the first time with a Fight Club.  To reconnect or connect for the first time, please click on the STORM FIGHT CLUBS link below.

Additional Opportunities to Connect:

  • High School Ministry will also plan to have occasional in person events to connect with students in other Fight Clubs.  Our Covid safety practices require these events to be held outdoors, limited in size, limited in time, require registration, require a health screening, and require the wearing of masks. Invitations to these events will primarily come through Fight Club leaders.
  • We are opening a study hall at Central on Wednesdays from 12:30-3pm for High School students to do their homework while physically distanced and following our safety protocols. The study hall would be limited to 6-10 students. If your student would be interested in the study hall, please follow the STUDY TOGETHER link below.

How Families Can Help:

The needs of High School students are quite diverse: freshmen are transitioning into high school; seniors are preparing to transition out of high school; juniors are engaged in their most challenging academic year; and sophomores are just glad not to be freshmen anymore. High School students see their friendships change, their future take shape, and their parents in a new light.  In all of this joyous tumult we call growing up, we would hope that the community at Central remains a positive, constant connection for our students.

There are many different ways an adult at Central can help maintain that connection: delivering waffle fries or milkshakes, helping host occasional events like a hike, shoe golf, or Bubble Soccer,  or training to become a Fight Club leader.

Would you be willing to be a part of keeping students connected to Central during High School?  If yes, follow the STORM CHASING link below.

Small Groups

Virtual | In-Person | Various Times

Wednesdays | 12:30 – 3:00 pm

Registration Required | Limited Space Available

Adult Helpers

How can you help connect high school students to Central?