Fight Clubs | Most Sundays | 1:00-2:30 pm | Central


High School Ministry at Central dreams that every student would be able to pursue God in the company of friends. We recognize that our High Schoolers live in a crush of demands on their time, attention, and loyalties. If they are going to thrive in our faith as followers of Jesus, they will need to fight to give their spiritual formation attention. If they are going to grow as friends at Central, they need to fight to show up consistently. If they are going to care for one another, they need to fight to pay attention to what’s happening in the lives of those around us and not just our own.

To that end, High School Ministry will be prioritizing students being able to connect in Fight Clubs (our name for small groups).

Fight Clubs, which are led by Jesus-loving adults who have chosen to share their lives with High School students, meet almost weekly for worship, games, Bible-centered teaching and engaging discussion of our faith and life experiences. Fight Clubs also plan fun activities to build community. 

So, we are inviting students to stay connected with their Fight Club, reconnect with a Fight Club, or connect for the first time with a Fight Club.  To reconnect or connect for the first time, please click on the STORM FIGHT CLUBS link below.