SUMMER | July 1-7 | Cuirim House, Nogales, Mx

Can you imagine that one week can change the way you see the world?

Many of the High School students we know believe it and have experienced it at Cuirim Outreach. This is why students return year after year, even into college.

Cuirim 2017 is a week of service and relationships punctuated by three daily times of worship, prayer, and teaching.

Our hope for Cuirim 2017 is that students would grow in their understanding of who they are, their relationship with God, and their responsibility to and relationship with the world.


for the week

Sunday, July 1st – We fly from BWI to Tucson. Volunteers from an AZ church, drive us to Nogales, AZ and we walk through the border crossing and take a bus to Cuirim House.


Gather for worship, prayer and teaching in the morning
Teams go out for work
Siesta time
Gather for worship, prayer, and teaching
Teams go out for work
Play some soccer/prepare meals
Gather for worship, prayer, and teaching

Saturday, July 7th – We bus back to the border to walk across for the journey back to the Tucson airport and BWI.


Central Presbyterian Participant: Approx. $800, $100 deposit due with online application

Non-Central Participant:  Approx. $1,150, $400 deposit due with online application

(Why the difference?  Central subsidizes the trip from the budget as part of our discipleship investment in students.)

For questions email Amy at