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Chances are, you have heard the phrase “thoughts and prayers before”—maybe in response to a global tragedy or from someone looking for a way to sound spiritual but not too spiritual. Whatever the context, we know that saying “thoughts and prayers,” “prayers up,” or sending a praying hands emoji as a response aren’t exactly the same thing as actually praying. In this 2-week series called “Thoughts and Prayers,” we’re going to help students eliminate the worry about “what to say.” We’re going to help students see that prayer can be approachable for everyone. Just imagine what would happen if high schoolers started approaching prayer with the confidence that they were being heard. We hope this series helps students see that prayer is far less complicated and far more powerful than they may have thought.


Week 1 | Jan 23

Honest Prayer > Fancy Prayer

James 4:8, Psalm 145:18

Week 2 | Jan 30

Find Your Way to Pray

Matthew 6:19-13