Thank You from All of Us

Thank You Notes

Please read the following thank you letter from Janine Westra on behalf of all our students. Her thank you echoes the many voices of our Summer 2015 team who lived into the daily rhythms of work, study, and prayer while at Cuirim House in Nogales, Mexico. We welcome you to join us in loving and sharing the gospel through the Boxes for Cuirim initiative during October. These gift boxes enable our national partners in Mexico to share the gospel not only in Nogales but also in Navajoa, a region eight hours south.

From Janine for all of us:

“Dear Central,


In our 5 days alone, we were able to . . .
• Rebuild the retaining wall that will keep Cuirim’s hospitality house for displaced families from tumbling down during the rainy season.
• Feed, teach, and play with tons of kids—both teeny tiny babies and those of our own ages through daily Vacation Bible School sessions and during the weekly soup kitchen.
• Lay concrete floors for families who won’t have to sleep on the cold ground this winter.
• Form relationships with children, teenagers, and adults, Americans and Mexicans alike, who even with language barriers could create memories that none of us will ever forget.

When we’re in Mexico, we are challenged to see Nogales, Mexico as a thin place. The gap between heaven and earth is so thin that it’s impossible not to feel the Holy Spirit all around you. We are thankful for the opportunity we had to touch other people’s lives, but we are also thankful for the chance to be touched ourselves.

My personal experience leading up to the trip was coming out of a challenging high school senior year with college decision making and preparation, and the stress was far from over with the new school year looming ahead. My personal prayer going into the trip was that God would speak to me through service and establish a permanent residence inside of me that would remain as I entered the next phase of my life. As a student at one of the largest party schools in the country, I can’t deny that my faith has been tested, but God has laid groundwork in my heart during our trips to Cuirim that has proved to be unshakeable. You can’t un-see the poverty you see there. You can’t un-feel the feelings that the Lord stirs in your heart when people are sharing their stories of redemption through unfathomable pain and suffering. It’s so hard for me to write this thank you because words are not enough to express just how thankful I am or how blessed I’ve been to be a part of these trips.

Love, Janine”