Volunteers Needed

I love these girls.  It was so hard at first….like they were looking for reasons not to trust me.  But, I kept showing up, being willing to listen, and making contact each week.  They were so surprised the first time showed up at their concert. I was surprised the first time I got a text at 11:30pm asking to talk.  I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels to hear them share in their own words with Middle Schoolers what I was sharing with them just two years ago.  I think the part that has been the most life giving for me is watching them learn to care for each other and others.

Is this you?

I’m a little bit afraid of teenagers but I have a passion for their well-being and feel that Storm is good for them to build community and get connected to adults and role models who love Jesus.  So I have enjoyed working behind the scenes at Storm; cooking pizza or making ice cream Sundays, driving during the Scavenger Hunts, helping out with check-in at retreat, any event that might need an extra hand, being a more quieter presence.

Is this you?

I love these guys.  It felt like they didn’t even notice I was in the room. But, I kept showing up, listening, and making contact each week.  I knew I was connected when we all started laughing about that one inside joke. I have loved being able to bring them to play soccer with my friends each week.  They loved coaching me in playing video games with friends online. I couldn’t believe it when, 18 months in, we finally had real conversations about navigating High School and being a Christian.  I never thought these guys would ask those types of questions.

Is this you?

My role is to teach the things that I am excited to learn about with them.  I am surprised how much I enjoy being with them each week.  I have even been invited to attend their big game!

Is this you?

I have loved be being able to join the High School students once or twice a year for big trips.  I’ve been so surprised how much I enjoy finding them on a Sunday morning to hear how life is going.

Is this you?

Would you love…..?

to play dodgeball with students

to play video games with students

to play music with students

to play board games with students

to play ultimate Frisbee with students

to play nine square with students

Would you consider connecting more deeply with high school students?  We need about 12 Jesus-loving adults to share their lives with high school students.

If these stories interest you or if you would like to find out more about volunteering in High School Ministry, please contact Joe Strube at joe@centralpc.org