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Sundays 3-5 PM

Nine-Square… Food… Games… Small Groups… and Jesus

Before school starts on Monday, spend your Sunday afternoon with us as we strive to build community, invigorate faith, tackle tough life questions, and grow closer to God among friends.

Help us shape what Storm and High School Ministry look like this year and beyond. Be a part of the conversation!

how to friend SERIES


Friendships can be completely complicated. Add in the pressures that play a part in today’s high school experience, and connecting with other humans can be really overwhelming. In this 3-week series, we’ll discover how to navigate some of the most common experiences in our friendships. Whether it’s being a friend, finding friends, or working through something tough in a friendship, we’ll learn that the work it takes is always worth it.


John 13:4-5, Luke 6:31

Being a friend means serving your friends.


Proverbs 12:26

Being a friend means building the right friendships.


Acts 15:36-38, Acts 15:39-41

Being a friend means walking away friendly.

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