HS+MS AFTERMATH | Friday, June 9 ​

Hey Team!  This weekend is just for us…

This Friday, June 9… we celebrate just as leaders!  All the Whirlwinds and Storms have passed… time for the HS+MS Aftermath!  7-9 pm at the Smith House (837 W Padonia Road Cockeysville, MD 21030). Click HERE if you can bring something to share!

And on Sunday, June 11… we start setting the calendar for the next season of ministry at noon in the Loft!  (Don’t forget to fill out the HS+MS REFLECT-O-RAMA Survey beforehand… especially if you can’t make it to Calendaring!)

PRO TIP (4 OF 4)


If you want to be heard, use gentle words.


To help students apply wisdom to their words.


When it comes to recognizing the power of their words, encourage students to think outwardly
first. In other words, ask them to consider the way the words of others have impacted them. Doing
so will put your students in the headspace to recognize the power of both harsh and gentle words. Then, ask them to think inwardly, applying that same knowledge to the way their words may impact others. It will likely be easier for them to recognize the power of their own words on others after they sit in the feeling of the way someone else’s words have made them feel, too.


1. Think about the last text you sent, caption or comment you posted online, or words you said out loud. How much consideration did you give to the words you chose before you used them?
2. In what ways have you used your words to encourage or build others up?
3. Now, be honest here: In what ways have you used your words to do the opposite?
4. How have you seen words impact relationships?
5. Which do you think matters most:
a. The words you choose?
b. The way you say them?
6. How might wisdom help us with our words?
7. What do you think a gentle word looks like in real life?
8. How might choosing gentle words help us make a bigger impact?
9. What’s one way you’re going to apply wisdom to your words this week?
Leaders, this week, encourage your students to conduct a “word audit” of their recent texts and direct messages. Ask them to consider if wisdom was considered as they crafted the messages and reflect on how they might apply wisdom to future words. Consider doing this practice yourself and sharing your findings with the group during your next meeting.

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