If you are able, come help us set up the Worship Center for the Family Dinner.  We’ll be stacking chairs, setting up tables, and setting the tables.  Teamwork makes the dream work!


Sunday, December 6 | 3:00 PM

It’s finally here!  The Family Dinner is this Friday!  Here’s what you can do to get ready…

BOTTOM LINE: Being a friend means walking away friendly.

SCRIPTURE: Acts 1536-41

GOAL OF SMALL GROUP: To help teenagers process changes in their friendships and give them healthy ways to step back from friends when needed.


Leader Note: To start this conversation off, lead with your own example! Share about a time you had to make a change or even end a friendship. Make sure to keep the story and details appropriate for students in the high school phase. This will not only give context to the message, but it will open the floor for students to feel safe to respond. Just remember to encourage them to avoid names and overly specific details during their conversation this week.

1. Have your ever seen friends go their separate ways in a friendly way? What was that like?
2. Have you ever watched a friendship end badly? What was that like?
3. What are some reasons friendships may change or shift in high school?
4. What makes separating from a friend or a change in a friendship so difficult? What about being the friend someone else has to separate from for a season?
5. How might shifting or changing a friendship be good for you right now?
6. Practically speaking, what’s a healthy, honorable, and friendly way you can handle making a change in a friendship when you need to?

Revisit the “try this” activity from the previous week. Text your students to let them know you’re available to process
with them any friendship changes they anticipate making in the next season if they need a sounding board or a third
party to weigh in