The idea of pursuing someone brings up images of children chasing each other on the playground playing tag.  These are images filled with great joy and enthusiasm.  There is a lot of energy present.  When we talk about pursuing Christ, we’re saying, “Jesus, I want to do what you do, live life how you live it, go where you go, even if that means taking great risks and following you as you walk on water.”  Someone who is pursuing Christ puts great value on their relationship with Him.  That relationship is worth protecting and strengthening.

We live in a society of individuals with multiple personalities.  People have become good at being one personality around a certain group of people, then switching to a completely different personality around a different group.  Even Christians will act one way with their Christian friends, then another way with their non-Christian friends.  A sidekick needs to be someone who does not allow their faith to be hidden in only one part of their life.  They don’t hide it away from some people for fear of being disliked or unaccepted.  Instead, their relationship with Jesus weaves its way into all aspects of their life and all relationships.

When Jesus got down on his knees and washed the caked-on dirt from his disciples’ feet, he beautifully demonstrated the kind of leader needed in the Kingdom of Heaven; men and women willing to humble themselves to serve others.  Sidekicks committed to servant-leadership are willing to work behind the scenes and help with the heavy-lifting as needed.  They realize that ultimately it’s not about them, but about the one who was willing to humble himself to wash some feet.

Jesus surrounded himself with people in his ministry.  He traveled with 12 disciples and often went off with a smaller group of three.  When he sent his disciples out on their own, he sent them out in pairs.  To Jesus, it was important to do ministry with others.  Not just ministry, but to do life together.  A sidekick is expected to do life and ministry in community.  In Middle School Ministry, a sidekick will serve with an adult small group leader in a Middle School small group and will serve on a team with other high school students.

A sidekick is called to live a “no doubt” lifestyle, in that there is no doubt they have chosen to live a life according to God’s desire and plan.  They honor God by consistently choosing God’s way over the world’s way.  They live authentic and transparent lives.  This does not mean they live perfect lives, making no mistakes.  Instead, they ask God’s forgiveness and seek to not make the same mistakes over and over again.


Sidekicks participate in 3 areas of Middle School Ministry…


  • Attend and participate in Team Gatherings (Retreats, Planning, Socials)



  • Assist in implementing the large group program at Whirlwind
  • Help with setting up and cleaning up before and after Whirlwind
  • Host or emcee part of the upfront program



  • Assist adult leaders in leading a middle school breakout group
  • Help to create and maintain an environment that encourages spiritual growth
  • Pray for the middle school students in the breakout group