How To Share Your Story

Please take a minute to share your story. We want to hear from you! Your experiences seeing how God is at work around us – impacting our neighborhoods, our networks, and the next generation – encourages others and provides hope.

Upload Your Video to Dropbox:

1. Record a  short video using your smartphone  (less than 2 minutes) of what is happening.

Visit learn some helpful tips when filming.

2. Click this link:

3. Upload your video:

You will see these options:

If you select “choose from computer” it will open a window for you to select the video file from your local computer hard drive.

If you want to select “choose from Dropbox”  you must have a dropbox account and know where your file is in your Dropbox folder.

We are exploring ways we can use these videos and stories, and we will do our best to get the word out about what God is doing! The institution of the church may need a pause, but the movement of Jesus continues.

Thank you for your time and for sharing these important God sightings! 

Pastor John