3(D) Discernment Process

Choose a piece of media that you usually watch/listen to and evaluate it through the 3D process.  Write it up and email it to Matt Acton for a Snack Shack Dollar.

HERE are some examples of 3D Media Reviews:

Here are some questions to reflect on as you write up your 3D review:


  • What is the main topic or theme?
  • Does this piece make any overt of covert suggestions on how to think, talk, act, or live?
  • What values and beliefs are seend as virtuous?  What values and beliefs are portrayed negatively?
  • How is God portrayed?  What dod is say about God?
  • Does this piece send any messages about what makes a person “successful” in life?
  • What is the worldview communicated in what you are seeing and hearing?


  • How creative or deep is this particular piece?
  • Is the artist/writer/creator consistent with his or her worldview or was this media piece created for another reason such as making money or helping to make the individual famous?
  • How does the content line up with God’s Word and a Christian worldview?


  • Is this something I should listen to or watch?  Will I continue to listen to or watch this?
  • Should I support this artist and media message with my money, time, and attention?
  • Does this piece have any ministry value?  How would Jesus share his story or message with someone living in this worldview?