Before Worship…

Ask Questions

“How are you feeling?”

“What do you think you need from worship this morning?”

“Where do you want to sit?” (see below)

Share about…

… why you are going to worship.

… what worship means to you.

… how you are feeling about worship this morning.

Where to sit…

Do you want to sit together as a family?  Or are you okay with your son or daughter sitting with friends or Whirlwind leaders?  Either it okay.

If you are sitting together, consider sitting near some Whirlwind Leaders or other Middle School Families.

Below is map of where some Whirlwind Leaders tend to sit in the Mosaic Services.  There is at least one family in the Traditional Service with a High School student leader and a Middle School student.  They tend to sit right in the middle of the Sanctuary.

These maps do not guarantee a Whirlwind Leader will be sitting in these spots at this time every Sunday.  Schedules change and fluctuate.  Hopefully, these maps become more accurate throughout the year.
Middle School Students can also serve in the Worship Service. Students can help with stage crew, the offering, and passing out bulletins. Students should visit the soundbooth in the Worship Service at the beginning of the service if they are interested.

After Worship…

Go Out for Breakfast or Lunch

“When my kid expressed frustrations with going to worship, we spent a few Sundays at Towson Hot Bagel talking through it.  Those one-on-one conversations helped to shape his attitude about worship.” – Matt Acton

Debrief the Morning…

“What was most meaningful for you?”

“What did you find confusing?”

Share your own responses to these question.

For a few months, Whirlwind Leaders and Middle School Students will be meeting between the services to play 9-Square. If you are coming to the 9:00 service, stick around to play! If you are coming to the 10:30 service, come early to play!