Whirlwind Family Dinner Workspace

I could use your help putting together part of the program for the Whirlwind Family Dinner.  Below are some key aspects of the program that need your input.  Please complete the forms below with your thoughts and ideas.  Thank you!

The Game

We are going to play Family Feud at the Family Dinner, but first we need to survey some people to get our questions.  What are some questions we could ask for the survey?  Ideas can be related to Whirlwind, related to families, seasonal, or just fun questions.  Possible ideas can be found here.


The Panel

A big part of our program will be 2 panels, one parents and one of students.  We would parents questions about best practices for their families and how they are intentional and what role faith might play.  We would ask students questions too… questions like, how are you raising your parents, what role your parent’s faith has on your own.  Below we need suggestions for panelists and questions.  Panelists do not need to be currently in our program.  They can be alumni (both students and parents.)

Other Ideas

What other ideas might you have for this year’s Whirlwind Family Dinner?