Breakout Night Ideas

Breakout Night is on or around May 3


Plan ahead.  If you wait to the last minute, you may not have the time or available resources to pull off what you hope to.

Communicate details (what, when, where, cost, etc.) the week before with students and with Matt so they can be shared with parents and posted on the website.

Invite a Minister of Presence to join your group for the night.

Involve parents wherever you can (drivers, snacks, hosts).

Use fellow leaders as a resource.  If someone has done an activity you are interested in, ask them what worked and what didn’t.

Ideas for at a Home

Progressive Dinner at Students, Leaders, or Pastors Houses

Start with appetizers at one house, go to another house for the main course, then finish up with dessert at the last house.

Game Night

Grab your favorite card or board game and meet at a house to play… or pick a few games and have students rotate around to different ones.  Instead of tabletop games, you could do a video game night.

Paint Party

Bring in someone to host a paint party for your group… or look for resources online to do it yourself.

Fire Pit and S’mores

Go beyond the marshmallow, graham cracker, and chocolate.  Expand horizons with cookies, peeps, peanut butter cups, and more!

Other Ideas

Make Your Own Sundaes, Cookout, Movie Night

Ideas for Going Out

Dinner or Dessert Out

Meet for dinner or dessert.  Maybe All-You-Can-Eat Wings… or Fondue… or some other new culinary experience.

Progressive Fast Food Dinner

Much like a traditional progressive dinner, this one moves to different restaurants for different courses.  Maybe start in Towson and eat your way downtown.

Escape Rooms

See if your group can survive a locked room scenario.  An hour locked up with your group might be the motivation you need to get out.  Check out BREAKOUT in Timonium, ESCAPE THIS LIVE in Towson, or ESCAPE KEY in Towson.

Scavenger Hunt

Plan a Scavenger Hunt for your group… either walking around an area or driving around town.


Plan a trip to a local museum.  Check out the American Visionary Art Museum or Geppi’s Entertainment Museum.  Pair it with dinner downtown.

Trampoline Park

There’s no Whirlwind trip to a trampoline park this year which makes it a great opportunity for Breakout Night.  Check out Stratosphere in Eldersburg or Rock’n Jump in Towson.

Other Ideas

The Go-Kart Track in White Marsh, Monster Mini-Golf in Parkville, Amazing Glaze in Mount Washington

Just Christmas Opportunities

Just Christmas is on or around December 14


Plan ahead.  If you are hoping to work with a local organization, many of their available service opportunities fill up quickly in December.

Solicit ideas from students, student leaders, or parents.

Invite a Minister of Presence to join your group for the night.

Involve parents wherever you can.

Partner with another Breakout Group if possible.

Communicate details (what, when, where) the week before with students and with Matt so details can be posted on the website.

Project Ideas

Leaf Raking or Snow Shoveling

Grab shovels or rakes (depending on the weather) and start working your way through the neighborhoods… focus on homes of people who might need some extra help.

Make Christmas Cards

Decorate Christmas Cards for residents of Assisted Living Facilities or shut-ins.

Organize a Babysitting Night

Plan a night for parents to drop off their kids with your group so they can have a night out.  Do it for free or charge a nominal fee to give away to another organization or purchase Alternative Giving gifts.

Assemble Bags for Homeless

Put together bags that students and families can give to those in need.  Encourage students to keep bags in their parent’s cars so they have them available when a need arrives.

Local Organizations

Heaven’s Kitchen

  • Help prepare a meal for the Jacques Initiative
  • Coordinate with Allison Gerbereux

    Ronald McDonald House

  • Many ways to serve!
  • Visit or talk to Kim Meagher

    Salvation Army

  • Help coordinate the various donations for distribution
  • Call Divisional Headquarters at 410-347-9944

    Assistance Center of Towson Churches (ACTC)

  • Call 410-296-4855 for ideas
  • Youth Ministry Seminars