Jesus: Shattering Expectations

Friday Nights | 7:00-9:30 PM

Wherever you are when it comes to what you know, believe, and understand about God, you have some sort of impression of who Jesus is.  For some, Jesus is messiah.  For others, he was a great teacher.  And for some, he was a really nice guy with a red beauty pageant sash draped over his shoulder.

In the Bible, people had their own expectations of who the messiah was and what he would do.  Through how he interacted with people and how he taught, Jesus often shattered people’s expectations and brought them to a deeper understanding of who he was and who God is.

On Fridays at Whirlwind, we will be exploring some of the different ways that Jesus shattered these expectations and assumptions of people in Scripture and how he invited people (and us) to follow his example and live counter-culturally.

Other Six


Whirlwind is a great environment for Middle School students to connect with God.  Below are some resources for the OTHER 6 days of the week.



Pray for the first person you see after you wake up today.

Keep that person in your thoughts throughout the day.

Pray for them again before you go to bed.


Find a quiet place and spend some time in silence.

Assume every distraction is something you need to pray about.

What is God distracting you with today?


Commit one of these verses to memory this week.


“Ladies and gentleman, Fear the Rabbi!”

These aren’t exactly the words you’d expect to hear during the introductions of a mixed martial arts fight. But Rabbi Yossi Eilfort wanted to show his congregation that physical fitness is important.

The physical preparation for the fight was important. But pay careful attention to the rabbi’s words as he prepared his heart for the fight.

Proverbs 4:23 says, “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” How are you guarding your heart?

  • Would you rather fight a rabbi or a kindergarten teacher?
  • The rabbi said he was careful not to hurt his opponent, is there a way to fight with compassion?
  • Name 3 things worth fighting for.
From YouTube You Can Use Volume 5, Issue 24 from The Youth Cartel.

Oh yeah!  Say the word “KANGAROO” to Matt and get a Snack Shack Dollar!


Choose one of the passages below and read it through slowly two times.

Ask God what He wants you to take away from these verses.  Read it one more time and write down or draw what comes to you.


At the end of the day, ask yourself these questions…

At what moments today did I feel most alive?

At what moments today did I feel most drained?