What significant interactions with students have you had this week?

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Friday, January 24 – Whirlwind Escape Room

Here are a few things to know…

Escape Room Set-up requires some extra time.  We’re starting at 4:30, but anyone who can arrive anytime after that to help would be appreciated!

The night will take place in 3 environments: Escape Rooms, the Loft, and the Courtyard.  We’ll need to work together to keep students in those spaces.

There are a number of different roles for leaders to fill.  Click HERE to sign-up for one!

UPDATE: Escape Room Schedule and Leader Roles.

Wednesday, January 22

We have a plan for our Escape Room!  We just need to work on getting it ready.

Join us Wednesday Night as we put together the pieces of the Whirlwind Escape Room.  We’ll meet at 6:30 in the Loft.

(Snacks provided!)

Friday, January 31

Next Friday is the most comfortable Whirlwind of the year!

Get your footy pajamas ready!

February 7-9

Winter Meltdown Registration is closed!  We have a full group going of 46 students and 17 leaders!

We’ve checked with RVR and they have no more spots.  Students and Students Leaders could still sign-up for the waiting list in case anyone has to drop out.