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In our previous reality, Whirlwind was this hub we would invite Middle School students into and out of that hub, we had space for connection, significant interactions, and Breakout Groups.

In this new reality, that is not necessarily an option.  Breakout Groups are now the strongest place for care and connection.  That being said, I want to equip you with all the tools, resources, and help you need so that your Breakout Group can be a place for students to connect and be known and cared for in this time of social distancing.

Below, you’ll find 3 things… (1) resources on how to run your Breakout Group online, (2) an invitation to a weekly online Leader Gathering where we can connect and care for each other, (3) our Whirlwind Leader Slack full of thoughts and ideas on ministry in this new reality.

Online Breakout Groups

Would you be willing to host an online gathering for your Breakout Group?

Click the image above for a document with some thoughts, resources, and FAQ’s about hosting a group online.

Thursdays at 8:00 pm

Looking for a space to connect and share with some of your fellow Whirlwind Leaders in this age of social-distancing?

Join us on Thursday nights at 8 pm on ZOOM.  Click the image above for the link to the gathering.

Whirlwind Leader Slack

There is a lot of conversation about life and ministry in this new reality happening on our Whirlwind Leader slack feed.

If you haven’t already, click to join our slack community