The Middle School Ministry Team

When we work with students, we often find ourselves in a variety of roles… Teacher, Mentor, Coach, Friend, Chauffeur, Alibi, Surrogate Parent, Hostage Negotiator, Dodgeball Target, Lifeline, Crisis Helpline, Punching Bag, Bible Study Leader, and more!

For those looking to serve in Middle School Ministry, we want to focus on 3 critical roles.

  • We need TRAIL GUIDES, who can carefully guide students through adolescence and closer to God.
  • We need ADVOCATES, who are willing to come alongside students, believing in who they are and who they’ll become.
  • We need STORYTELLERS, who can share stories about who God is and what He’s done, while helping students connect God’s story to their own.

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Middle School Ministry Leader Profile

Members of the Middle School Ministry Team serve as mentors and spiritual guides for small groups of Middle School students.  Their primary roles are to act as TRAIL GUIDES, ADVOCATES, and STORYTELLERS.

Spiritual Profile

  • Growing, personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Active participation at Central Presbyterian Church
  • Spiritual Gifts: Shepherding, Teaching, Leading
  • Compassion and empathy towards Middle School students

Responsibilities and Goals

  • Pray for Middle School students in your BREAKOUT GROUP
  • Participate in WHIRLWIND (large group time) on Friday evenings
  • Lead weekly Breakout Group during WHIRLWIND
  • Communicate regularly with students in BREAKOUT GROUP via phone calls, letters/email, social media, and face-to-face
  • Participate in bi-monthly LITURGY OF DISCERNMENT meetings with the Middle School Ministry Team and engage in online email discussions.
  • Participate in other Middle School Ministry events whenever possible (Retreats, Mission Trips, Events)
  • Live a life above question or reproach

Weekly Time Commitment: 4-5 hours

Duration of Service: approximately 1 school year



Joining the Middle School Ministry Team

  1. Read through all the information here about serving on the Middle School Ministry Team
  2. Set up a time to meet with Matt Acton, Director of Middle School Ministry
  3. Meet with a current member of the Middle School Ministry Team over coffee to get a better idea of what serving in Middle School Ministry looks like.
  4. Complete the necessary Background Checks.
  5. Check-in with Matt Acton to affirm your commitment to serving on the Middle School Ministry Team.