In our Jesus Creed series, we explored Jesus’ call for us to love our neighbors.  When asked “who is our neighbor?”, Jesus shared a story that illustrated there was no limit to who we were to love and care for.

In our next series, we’re going to continue to dive deeper into loving our neighbors, particularly concerning issues of social justice in our local community and beyond.

When wrestling with the question what does the Lord require of us, the prophet Micah responds, “To act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with our God.” (Micah 6:8)

How a Middle Schooler lives that out in today’s reality will be our focus for both our in-person Whirlwind Gatherings and Whirlwind Online(Click the images below for details on each.)

2020-2021 Teaching Schedule

September 18 – Jesus Creed: Love God

September 25 – Jesus Creed: Love Others

October 9 – Jesus Creed: As Yourself

October 16 – LIVEJUST: Justice Defined

October 23 – LIVEJUST: Why Does God Allow Injustice?

November 6 – LIVEJUST: Injustice Next Door

November 13 – LIVEJUST: Engaging Racial Injustice

November 20 – LIVEJUST: A New Justice League