A few times a year at Whirlwind, we have a special night of experiential prayer stations to create a quiet, contemplative space for people to encounter God’s presence in different and unique ways.

This Friday, we are going to attempt to shift that sacred space into the digital space with a night of prayer stations over ZOOM.  You are invited to join us online for this special night of connecting with God and each other.


883 5607 1034

or click HERE for the link.

Password Hint: The first “B”

Check your email for the password or contact Matt Acton (macton@centralpc.org)

Supplies Needed

For Friday night, make sure you have the following with you…

Device… either a computer, phone, or tablet to run ZOOM.  Whatever it is should be free-standing and not something you need to hold in your hands during prayer stations.

Paper… to write or draw on.  It can be paper in a sketchbook or journal you are using or it can be separate pieces of paper.

Colored Pencils… or markers, crayons, pens, etc.  Basically, whatever you want to use to write or draw with.

Quiet Space… to be in for prayer stations.  It would be distracting to participate in this night in a space with a lot of noise, people, or distractions.