2022/07/31 11:00:00

OTE Team Meetings

Thursday, June 23

Wednesday, July 20

OTE Team Meetings are for Students and Leaders on the 2022 OTE Team.

All meetings are 7:00-8:30 pm in the Loft at Central Presbyterian Church.

ON THE EDGE is July 31-August 5

All necessary OTE Forms are available to the right.

Students on the OTE Team are encouraged to complete 30 hours of local service this school year before OTE.  Forms to track Service Hours are available to the right and are due before departure.

DEPARTURE DAY: We will be leaving on Sunday July 31th from Central’s Community Celebration service.  Team Members should check-in prior to the start of the service.  Service begins at 10 am.  OTE Check-in begins at 9:30 am.

GROUP REQUESTS due Monday, July 18

Parents!  Each morning on OTE, we deliver a note of affirmation from somebody back home.  Some of these notes are provided by Pastors, Whirlwind Leaders, and other people at Central.  We are asking parents to help provide the rest.

Would you please write, gather, and collect 4 notes, letters, or cards for your son or daughter going on OTE?

A few notes on notes…

  • Please drop your letters off by Sunday, July 24th.
  • Letters could be from parents, siblings, neighbors, friends, or extended family.
  • For first-timers, these notes are a surprise.  Please don’t tell them before the trip.
  • Please don’t label the letters with dates.  They will be given out randomly.

Would you also please write 2 letters for some of our OTE Leaders?

And, if you’d like, you could prepare additional letters for other students.  Click the button for the names of our OTE Team.



The BALANCE PAYMENT FORM also includes food restrictions.  Please complete by Wednesday, July 20.

Details for Rafting Form

Date of Trip: August 1       Time of Trip: LEAVE BLANK

Booking ID: 3127521102


Please forward your email confirmation to

If you have any questions about the upcoming OTE Trip, please email Matt Acton at