Friday Nights | 7:00-9:30 PM


Prayer is one of those things that can be both simple and complicated.  Simply put, prayer is talking with God, but it often doesn’t seem that simple.  Many of us wrestle with questions regarding prayer.  Questions like…

  • If God knows what we’re thinking, why do we need to talk to Him?
  • What do we say?
  • How do we know God is listening?

On Fridays at Whirlwind, we will be tackling some of these questions and more that surrounds the practice of prayer.  We’ll be talking about why it is important to pray, as well as equipping students to pray on their own.

Other Six


Whirlwind is a great environment for Middle School students to connect with God.  Below are some resources for the OTHER 6 days of the week.



Create a special place in your home where you can go to be with God without any distractions.  Go there each time you seek to connect with God this week.

Say a prayer of blessing, asking God to make your space sacred.


Go to your quiet space and spend some time in silence.

Ask God to give you a word to guide you today.

Wait expectantly until you receive your word.


Commit one of these verses to memory this week.

If you can recite one of these verse from memory to Matt, he will give you a Snack Shack dollar!


Every time the bell rings at school today, say a quick, silent prayer.

Pray for the people you see as you walk through the halls.


Choose one of the passages below and read i through slowly two times.

Ask God what He wants you to take away from these verses.  Read it one more time and write down or draw what comes to you.



At the end of the day, ask yourself these questions…

  • For what moments this week are you most grateful?
  • For what moments this week are you least grateful?