The Super Bowl Discernment Challenge


Did you know a 30 second ad during the Super Bowl costs $4.5 million?

What are companies willing to pay that much to promote?  What are they communicating?

If you are watching the the Super Bowl on Sunday, take some time to practice discernment on some of the commercials.  Pick two commercials and write up a review using the questions below.  Email is to Matt Acton or bring it to the next Whirlwind for 2 Snack Shack dollars!

  1. What product is this ad selling?
  2. What, besides the product, does this ad sell?  (ideas, lifestyle, worldview, behaviors)
  3. What’s the bait/hook/promise?
  4. Complete the sentence: “This add tells me, use __________ (the name of the product) and ___________________ (the result the ad promises).”
  5. Does the ad tell the truth?  What truth?  How?
  6. Does the ad lie?  What lie(s) does it tell?  How?
  7. How does this ad and it’s message agree or disagree with God’s truth?  What does that mean for me?