Relationships, Dating, and Sex are becoming more and more prevalent in the culture Middle Schoolers are swimming in.  Popular Music, Movies, TV Shows, and Books are shaping their worldview on these issues.

On Friday nights, we want to give God a chance to speak into it all.  For the next two weeks at Whirlwind, we will be exploring what the Bible says about friendships, relationships, and sex.

Parents, if you haven’t yet had a conversation about sex with your son or daughter, you may want to in the weeks ahead.  Below, there is a link with some help on having that conversation.  Also, you can find links to our curriculum for the next two weeks so you can have an idea of what will be discussed in Breakout Groups.

2017-2018 Teaching Schedule

September 22 – Jesus Creed: Introduction

September 29 – Jesus Creed: Love God

October 6 – Jesus Creed: Love Others

October 13 – Live Just: Justice Defined

October 20 – Live Just: Why does God allow this?

November 3 – Live Just: Injustice Next Door

November 10 – Live Just: Do Justice Prayer Stations

December 1 – Live Just: A New Justice League

January 12 – Download 1.0 (Media Discernment)

January 19 – Download 2.0 (Media Discernment)

February 9 – Download 3.0 (Media Discernment)

February 16 – Storyteller Night

February 23 – Storyboard |Chapter 1: Origin Story

March 2 – Storyboard |Chapter 2: Inciting Incident

March 9 – Storyboard |Chapter 3: Redemption Story

April 6 – Storyteller Night

April 13 – Relationship Goals, Part 1

April 20 – Relationship Goals, Part 2

May 4 – Prayer Stations

May 11 – All-In

May 18 – The Hot Seat